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Rimfire Action

  • The action is 1 3/8" diameter by 7 " long and is made of 416 stainless steel, the locking lugs are made of 4140. Both are heat-treated.
  • Available with right or left port, but only right bolt
  • Port is large enough to get your finger into it
  • Anschutz or Suhl type feed ramp
  • Setup with a trigger housing which uses 40X Remington type triggers - 3/4" x 18 thread by .950" long
  • Barrel can be shouldered out on the front or on the inside of the action this allows you to use as small as a 7/8" diameter barrel or as large as 1.350"
  • Action can be glued-in or bedded conventionally
  • Back of action offers a very large recoil lug area

Price: $ 1105.00

Shipping & Ins $ 40.00

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About Us

Hall Manufacturing was started in 1977 by Allan Hall to build custom actions. Allan has over 25 years experience in designing and building actions. He has also built match barrels, triggers, fit and chambered, and built complete rifles.

This experience has allowed Hall Mfg. to build actions that have won Bench Rest matches at National levels of competition.