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  • Hall Ultimate One-Piece Rest
Hall Ultimate One-Piece Rest

Hall Ultimate One-Piece Rest

Welcome to Hall Manufacturing Online

Hall Ultimate "One-Piece" Rimfire Rest

Hall Mfg. has a new one piece rest designed for rimfire competition.  The rest is very fast to use.  You don't have to move your hand to go from vertical to horizontal adjustment.

Also the front post is solid.  You can't  forget to lock it.  All the adjustment screws are stainless steel and go into adjustable threaded bushings.  You can keep the adjustment screws from getting loose and sloppy.  All the Allen screws are stainless steel.

The rifle forend is guided by plastic plungers.  The side plungers also hold the stock down and are adjustable for spring pressure.  Using plastic plungers is the most uniform method of guiding the front of the rifle.  The back of the stock is guided by a plastic v-way that is adjustable vertically.

This is a very stable rest without vibration problems, but only weights 22 lbs.

About Us

Hall Manufacturing was started in 1977 by Allan Hall to build custom actions. Allan has over 25 years experience in designing and building actions. He has also built match barrels, triggers, fit and chambered, and built complete rifles.

This experience has allowed Hall Mfg. to build actions that have won Bench Rest matches at National levels of competition.